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November 29, 2011

Hide and Seek 2005 BRRip

Spoiler :

Hide and Seek is a 2005 American horror film starring Robert De Niro, Famke Janssen and Dakota Fanning. It was directed by John Polson. The film opened in the United States in January 2005 and was top of the box office. It did not reach the same level of critical success; it garnered mainly negative reviews, receiving only a 13% on Rotten Tomatoes. The performances of the actors were highly praised however.

Hide and Seek revolves around a widower and his daughter. They move to upstate and Emily soon creates an imaginary friend named Charlie... but this act takes an unexpected and terrifying turn, where her father and doctor start to worry about Emily's gruesome habits.

Following his discovery of the body of his wife in the bathtub after her suicide, Dr. David Callaway (Robert De Niro), a psychologist working in New York City, decides to move with his daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning) to upstate New York. There, Emily makes an apparently imaginary friend she calls "Charlie". Her friendship with Charlie begins to disturb David when he discovers their cat dead in the bathtub, a victim of "Charlie". Meanwhile, David suffers from nightmares of the New Year's Eve party that occurred the night before his wife (Amy Irving) died.

When a family friend, Katherine (Famke Janssen), comes to visit David and Emily, Emily reveals that she and Charlie have a mutual desire to upset her father. Soon, they meet a man and a woman who are their neighbors. David is wary of their unusual interest in Emily. He later discovers that the reason for this is that the couple had a daughter who recently died from cancer and looks like Emily. Later, when David visits the woman, she nervously and ambiguously implies that her husband has begun abusing her in response to their child's death, emotionally and perhaps even physically.

David meets local woman Elizabeth (Elisabeth Shue) and her niece, Amy, who is roughly the same age as Emily. Hoping to cultivate a new, healthy friendship for Emily, David sets up a playdate for her. Amy is anxious to become friends immediately, but the playdate is spoiled when Emily cuts up Amy's doll's face. After Amy runs out off, Emily tells David that she doesn't need any more friends.

Despite the unsuccessful playdate, David and Elizabeth hit it off. David invites her over to dinner one night, where Emily acts increasingly hostile towards her. Some time later, Elizabeth visits the house, hoping to make peace with Emily. When Emily tells her that she is playing hide-and-seek with Charlie, Elizabeth indulges her by pretending to look for Charlie. When she opens the closet, someone bursts out and pushes Elizabeth out a second-story window to her death. After the police discover her car crashed near David's house, David asks Emily what happened. Emily claims Charlie caused her death and then tells David the location of her body. A terrified David discovers Elizabeth's body in a bathtub full of blood. David asks Emily where Charlie is, and Emily tells him that Charlie has "just left" the house.

David, armed with a knife, goes outside, where he meets the neighbor who has become friends with Emily. David assumes that his neighbor is Charlie and begins to act aggressively. Becoming suspicious that David has killed his own daughter, the neighbor asks to see Emily, but David cuts the neighbor with his knife. The neighbor then calls the police.

Back in the house, David finds that, although he had seemingly been in his study many times (listening to his stereo and writing a journal), the boxes were actually never unpacked. With this, David realizes that he has split personality and that Charlie is not imaginary at all, but that in fact Charlie is David himself. Whenever it appeared David was in his study, Charlie was actually in control. David also realizes that under his Charlie personality, he killed his wife and then made it appear to be a suicide. He also fully recalls the events of the New Year's Eve party the night before his wife's death. Immediately after the countdown to midnight, David noticed his wife slip away. He followed her and caught her kissing in a stairwell with another guest. Charlie was created as a way for David's rage to destroy his wife, something that David himself was too decent to do.

Once Charlie's identity and horrible deeds are realized, he completely consumes David's entire personality, leading him to murder the local sheriff (Dylan Baker), who came to investigate the previous altercation. Emily calls Katherine for help.

Katherine arrives and is pushed in the basement by Charlie. David (Charlie), determined to play a hideous game of hide-and-seek, starts counting; Emily dashes and hides. She tricks Charlie and manages to lock herself in her room. As Charlie tries to break in, she climbs out from the window and runs into the cave where she originally met Charlie. Meanwhile, Katherine takes the gun from the dead sheriff, breaks out of the basement, and finds Charlie looking for Emily in the cave. Charlie pretends to be David and attacks Katherine when she lowers her guard. Emily emerges from her hiding place, begging Charlie to let Katherine go; her distraction allows Katherine to shoot Charlie, killing him.

Sometime later, Emily is preparing for school in her new life with Katherine. But Emily's drawing of herself with Katherine has two heads, suggesting that she now also suffers from split personality.

Complete credited cast:
Robert De Niro ... David Callaway
Dakota Fanning ... Emily Callaway
Famke Janssen ... Katherine
Elisabeth Shue ... Elizabeth
Amy Irving ... Alison Callaway
Dylan Baker ... Sheriff Hafferty
Melissa Leo ... Laura
Robert John Burke ... Steven
Molly Grant Kallins ... Amy
David Chandler ... Mr. Haskins
Jake Dylan Baumer ... Disturbed Boy
Directed by John Polson
Produced by Barry Josephson
Written by Ari Schlossberg

source: wiki and imdb

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